Our Collection

Every year we increase our range with new products. Together with a team of designers, part in-house designers, part designers from our network, Lino is continually developing new product ideas. Naturally, we adapt our products to new and fashionable color schemes and we are constantly looking for new processing techniques.

Furthermore, we are glad to assist our customers with their needs and if you have any specific wishes, just let us know! We are also happy to design new products, custom-made and exclusively for you.


The sun starts shining again, nature is coming in full bloom. Spring is here! Beautiful, lively colors define our spring collection.

We have a very extensive collection of eggs and feathers. Not just because of all the different kinds, but also because we have eggs and feathers in almost all colors imaginable.

Soft pastels, bright colors, or natural shades. In summer anything is possible! What’s more, a wide selection of seashells are an important part of our summer collection.

Trees are shedding their leaves, days are becoming shorter. Autumn is setting in. Inside we are making it nice and cosy. Our autumn collection will make sure you achieve the right ambience.

Outside it’s cold, inside it’s nice and warm. In winter, cosiness is the magic word for many. At Lino, we warmly welcome you to come and see our entire collection.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The right decoration should not be missing. From classic to extraordinary, Lino has the right (natural) Christmas decoration for everyone.